Iron Comparison

Bariatric Advantage Iron Chewables - 18mg Bariatric Advantage Iron Chewables - 29mg Bariatric Advantage Iron Chewables - 60 mg Bariatric Advantage Iron Chewy Bites - 30mg Building Blocks Iron Chewable - 30mg Celebrate Iron+C 18 mg Chewable Celebrate Iron+C Chewable 30 mg Celebrate Iron+C Chewable 60 mg Ferretts IPS Liquid Iron - 40mg Bifera - 28 mg Building Blocks Iron (non-chewable) Tablet - 15mg Building Blocks Iron (non-chewable) Tablet - 30mg Building Blocks Iron + Vitamin C (non-chewable) Tablet - 60mg Celebrate Iron+C 30 mg Tablet Niferex® GOLD Tablets Repliva 21/7 Tablets
Delivery Format Chewable Chewable Chewable Soft Chew Chewable Chewable Chewable Chewable Liquid Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet Tablet
Flavors Strawberry Passion Fruit Lemon Lime Chocolate Raspberry Black Raspberry Tangerine Grape Berry Unflavored Unflavored Unflavored Unflavored Unflavored Unflavored Unflavored Unflavored
Amount of iron per tablet/serving (mgs) 18 mg 29 mg 60 mg 30 mg 30 mg 18 mg 30 mg 60 mg 40 mg 28 mg 15 mg 30 mg 60 mg 30 mg 200 mg 151 mg
Forms of Iron Used Ferronyl® carbonyl Ferronyl® carbonyl Ferronyl® carbonyl Ferric Orthophosphate Ferrous Fumarate Ferrous Fumarate Ferrous Fumarate Ferrous Fumarate Iron Protein Succinylate Polysaccharide Iron complex and Heme Iron Polypeptide Iron Chelate Iron Chelate Iron Chelate Carbonyl Iron Ferrochel® and Polysaccharide Iron Complex Ferrochel® and Ferrous Fumarate
Amount of Vitamin C (mgs) 30 mg 60 mg 250 mg 60 mg None 36 mg 60 mg 60 mg None None None None Unpublished 60 mg 60.8 mg 140 mg

Competitive Information is based off of the most recent available date from company websites and marketing materials as of August 2012

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